The Brief

DW was tasked to create identities and designs that would work well for the market in South East Asia and India. Whether it was in the office, at sales presentations or external road shows, continuous rivalry for attention is prevalent in such environments. We realized that the past brochures did not exhibit any consistency from the look and feel, to its features and copy.





We wanted to create a range of brochures that were easily identifiable and consistent throughout all models, with simple design works accustomed to each individual imaging model.

Designed to suit the Asian market, the brochure was developed with column grids for easy reading and to aid the sales team to quickly highlight the unique features of a particular model. Careful selection of colours and strong illustrations were used to unify and differentiate solutions for different business models.


To help customers manage their business workflow better, Canon Solution Software was introduced to provide customers with a range of solutions to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Additionally, by reducing cost and risk, it allowed their customers to keep their businesses a step ahead. With the idea encircling around a healthier business focus, DW created a sales kit based on an athletic training theme to depict how an athlete achieves success by taking small, but progressive steps while training.


Multiple brochures, titled “Small Steps”, situated in a singular kit were created to help breakdown these solutions to smaller modules and make the information more intelligible. The combination of brochures in the kit can be customised to suit the different requirements of the customer and personalization details are found on the front cover report. Best of all, these brochures can be re-created by Canon machines, allowing Canon sales representatives to be prepared for even the most impromptu of meetings.

In order to ensure a seamless sale experience and provide accurate information on imaging compartments, DW designed and programmed an intelligent sales configurator software that could immediately prompt incompatibility of any combination of machine hardware and functions during a sales pitch.


A campaign with the focus to drive printing paper sales was launched with a striking new packaging that captured the attention of customers. With its bold red identity and a relaxed office setting, coupled with a cup of coffee, the packaging sets the Canon papers apart from the common monotonous packaging that the competitors possess. In addition, limited edition recycled bags that contained beautifully crafted messages personalized for Canon papers were tagged with the paper orders. Additionally, Post it Pads that unfolded exquisitely into a shape of a printing machine helped to retain top of mind recollection among customers.





There has been great success in meeting the objectives of better differentiation and engagement. DW has created a consistent singular design that cuts through the clutter and enabled Canon communication items to stand out. In reaction to the changes, Canon customers’ remarked that they loved the new design, while sales and awareness of the products have increased exponentially.

The brochures are now better differentiated and the Sales Configurator is able to quickly identify the customer’s business needs and cross sell various imaging compartments making selling a breeze.

The response for the new mid-range to high-speed colour copiers of imageRunner series was so positive that Canon were compelled to use this in their new range to expand future sales.

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