The Brief

DHL is a leading logistics provider with an extensive and consistent brand guideline. Many a time, the teams were faced with challenges to bring certain messages across a strict guideline.

DW was tasked to create consistent brand experiences built across all channels – from online EDMs, to the starter kit packaging and print brochures, to environment design events. We were constantly on the look out for design breakthrough opportunities and our goal was to heighten the level of DHL branding experience with its direct customers.





When it came to corporate customers, DHL wanted to create a fuss free experience, especially for first time users. We came up with an idea of a Starter Kit that indicated simple step-by-step instructions to guide first time users on the processes.

The Starter Kit contained a welcome letter that introduced the customer’s dedicated Sales Representatives and encouraged the maiden usage of new corporate customers through a promotional offer. Included in the kit was a booklet that dictated step-by-step instructions from its delivery to its billing procedures. Collateral delivery bags and stickers were also incorporated making the process a feasible experience for first time users.

Bringing a light touch to the kit, we threw in existing DHL metal weighing devices and created DHL measuring tapes that aided users in determining the weight and dimensions of the packages they were sending.


Online EDMS and Promotional Advertisements were a constant effort throughout the year and we were relentless in the exploration of ideas, images and icons to break through the monotony of the previous template.


Utilising a Go-Green exhibition organized by Gardens by the Bay, we created an interaction point for visitors by designing a photo booth. Doubling as an educational tool, the photo booth also shared ideas on saving the world’s resources. Additionally, with no facilitators mending the booth, we created corrugated paper templates that folded into 3D DHL vans. This interactive activity succeeded in attracting visitors of all ages to the booth.



Customers’ interest and satisfaction topped the charts, elevating their experience with the brand to a whole new level.

Sales Kit users commented that the Starter Kit eliminated any inconvenience and confusion for first-time users. On top of that, they loved the metal weighing and measuring devices that contributed to a feasible experience whenever they sent out a package.

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