The Brief

DW was tasked to conceptualise a design angle for Bosch’s newly designed dishwasher. Catered specially for the Asian demographic, this campaign serves to communicate awareness to both Asian consumers and retailers on the advantages of using Bosch dishwashers, with its spaciously organised compartment that fits a cooking wok and numerous utensils, right to its thorough cleaning programme.




Leveraging on the knowledge of Bosch dishwasher’s versatility to fit a cooking wok, well-organized compartment with chopsticks holder and its effective washing programme, we created a specific campaign for Bosch – the first Dishwasher designed for the modern Asian family.

We further translated this concept into a lifestyle and emotional aspect of how Asians value the time spent with their family. We introduced how Asians can now enjoy bonding with their families while Bosch does the dishwashing. Through this, we created an Emotional Selling Proposition (ESP) for Bosch, which speaks to the emotional needs of their customers and how a Bosch product can fulfill that.

Facts and figures within the brochure are portrayed through logical and easy to read infographics to expound on the unique features, time saving convenience and hygienic properties of using a Bosch dishwasher. The copy is also written for two distinct target audiences – direct consumers and business retailers. With clear and segmented sections, we kept the copy succinct and intelligible.





By providing the dishwasher with a unique selling proposition, we place emphasis on its advantages and marketed it to the right consumers. Not only did we meet Bosch’s objectives by creating a contemporary themed brochure that is targeted and informative, we also appealed to the Asian market through functional and emotional engagement that is also persuasive.