The Brief

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) won the bid to build an ultimate luxury integrated resort in the heart of Singapore’s prime new business district in Marina South.

With the architectural design of the resort finalised, a suite of marketing collaterals including an interim brand identity, sales kits, press advertisements and folders were required.

The main objective was to gain awareness, attract and woo retailers, restaurateurs and exhibitors globally.





A completely new design of marketing collaterals was created with heavy emphasis on gaining a foothold in the industry.


With the need to create an interim logo that could be seamlessly adapted into the main logo, when it was ready, we worked with subtle elements that will not engrain any strong impressions but yet still portray the MBS character and style.


Based on the artist’s impression of the buildings, we worked closely with various MICE departments to build a comprehensive Corporate Sales Kit. Many MICE floor plans had to be illustrated and simplified. Translations were carried out in Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, where culture specified writing was emphasised to relate to the local readers.

Creative solutions were proposed to enhance the emotive senses of the receiver. Expanding on the idea of tourist souvenirs, a 3D pop-up that showcased the famous 3 tower architectural design of the hotel was integrated into the Retail Sales Kit. This provided a better perspective on how the luxury resort would look even before it was built. Additionally, with the model presented as a souvenir for the receiver, it increases the shelf life and retention rate of the kit.



To provide further updates on the development of the project, while keeping the retailers enthralled, bi-monthly newsletters were created to keep them informed on the latest news and happenings.



The collaterals we created assisted MBS in establishing crucial sales. Furthermore, the marketing tools utilised enabled MBS to gain awareness and attention for the then ongoing project.

Marina Bay Sands has gained global recognition and is now Singapore’s most renowned representation of the luxury, premium retail, fine dining and exhibition experience.

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