The Brief

DW was tasked to conceptualize and create a fun and interactive activity where participants can take part in to win prizes sponsored by the various tenants of Waterway Point, a suburban mall located in Punggol. The objective of this activity is to strengthen brand loyalty and make Waterway Point a go-to mall for shopping and recreation. A sense of community would also be instilled from the participation of this activity organized by the mall.





Waterway Point is located right next to Punggol Waterway Park, a sprawling eco-themed park. Through observations, one of the best way to tour the park is by cycling – bicycles.

We translated this observation by bringing bicycles into the mall, where the fastest pedaling participant to reach a speed of 30km/h within 30 seconds will win an attractive prize. We further enhanced this concept by affixing each stationary bicycle to a kinetic roller which is synced to an interactive screen, displaying the speed, distance, countdown-timer and prize to be won when the bicycle is being pedaled.


The interface of the screen is designed as an odometer, clear and simple with the primary numbers signifying the pedaling speed. There’s also a distance indicator and countdown timer that moves in tandem with an animated outer ring. These subtle effects add up to the visual aesthetics and excitement of the game.


By conceptualising and creating this fun, interactive activity, we have engaged numerous shoppers to come forward and pedal to win their prizes. This is an important process as it generates brand awareness, hype and buzz within the mall, be it for eager participants or curious onlookers, associating Waterway Point as a go-to mall with an eclectic mix of shops and recreations that they can often look forward.