The Brief

Yami Yogurt is a well-known household brand in Singapore that offers soft serve yogurt. Having been around since the 1980s, Yami Yogurt was very much in need of a corporate makeover. DW’s key role was to look into rejuvenating and modernising the brand and corporate identity of Yami Yogurt.

From the moment they spot the Yami Yogurt logo to the moment they receive their order at the retail stores, we wanted to create a thorough and, ultimately, memorable customer experience. The logo had to be enhanced without losing its original essence. Additionally, it had to maintain Yami Yogurt’s portrayal as the healthier choice meant for all age groups.





Keeping the brand’s history, loyal fans and a prospective younger target audience in mind, DW worked on a brand facelift – one that retained the iconic YAMI typeface yet allowed future expansions and updates of the design and content.


The round border encircles the typography, bringing balance and stability, before ending with a swirl at the top. Not only was the incorporation of the yogurt swirl in the logo a succinct portrayal of the company’s business, it also represents a playful speech bubble when turned upside down. Depicting a ‘being in conversation’ concept, the design was incorporated into the full suite of collaterals such as the corporate stationary sets, business cards, gift vouchers, graphic posters, etc.


Pushing the envelope, a set of typographically designed phrases relating to the wholesome benefits of Yami Yogurt was created. These were prevalent on all campaign collaterals such as cup designs, posters, kiosk interiors and T-shirts.


Moreover, a brand extension was introduced with a specific focus on a new target market. The children. Introducing Yami Kids. With colourful pastel fonts incorporated into the logo, it was solely created to encourage more children to indulge in yogurt over the more traditional ice creams. Yami Kids also came in their own appropriately sized kids cups and a distinct toppings section at retail stores.

To enhance the brand’s image, wood elements were used in stores to endorse Yami Yogurt’s objective of being au natural. Green was used as a secondary colour to corroborate the wholesome perspective of Yami Yogurt, while providing a refreshing outlook. In addition, the perfect blend of the organic colours (red, blue, orange and yellow) epitomises the natural fruits and nuts made available at the topping displays.


Existing customers loved the new brand image, adding that the new look was refreshing while still staying true to its existing strengths. Needless to say, the children were thrilled with a topping section that they could call their very own. Some even commented that it tasted better than any other ice cream they’ve ever had! But we can’t take the credit for that. We just did everything else.

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